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John Zgabay Jr.

John Zgabay Jr.

DeWayne Hill (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 1 mag 2000 15.09 GMT
Searching for whereabouts of John Z., born 1864 in Moravia, to Tex. in 1870.
Inviato: 11 set 2000 19.50 GMT
Modificato: 17 lug 2001 15.50 GMT
I am looking for information on Elizabeth Zgabay. I have some information which is written poorly and is confusing. I am not sure, but I believe she married Joe Willrodt and they had a son Peter J. Willrodt, born 1887. They were all from Texas, near Millheim. Any info would be of help.

Elizabeth Zgabay

DeWayne Hill (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 12 set 2000 8.36 GMT
I have not pursued this branch of the Zgabay family in much detail, but what I do have is this: Elizabeth Zgabay married Ernst Willrodt on Aug. 9, 1859 in Austin co., Texas (Bellville,county seat). Their marr. record is in Vol. D, page 29. This Elizabeth is probably related to the branch I have researched as they are not many miles apart.
Inviato: 30 lug 2010 11.52 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
my name is brad zgabay i live in bryan texas

Re: Elizabeth Zgabay

Inviato: 27 feb 2012 3.40 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
My husband's grandmother was a Frances Zgabay from (Snook/ Sebesta/Burleson county) she married August Zgarba Sr. must be some connection
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