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Grandfather born in Yugoslavia-Rocksandich

Grandfather born in Yugoslavia-Rocksandich

Jan Stevenson (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 21 dic 1999 12.00 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Grandfather Milos (Mike)Rocksandich/Rocksandwish born in Yugoslavia and migrated to America in early 1900s.
Settled in Indianapolis, IN. Owned three restaurants. Was also a taxi driver.
Married Matilda Loblein and had three children, Milos (Mike), Dorothy and William.
Died in Indianapolis.
No other members of family known in USA but it is thought that other family members did migrate along with him.
Any information on this surname would be appreciated.

Rocksandich family in Steelton

Patty Sypniewski (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 27 dic 1999 12.00 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
The Rocksandich family had a tavern/dancehall in Steelton until the mid 1950's called the Bessemer House. It was a very popular place that brought in the old burlesque types of entertainment. Bands, singers, tapdancers, comedians, etc.

Steve Rocksandich Jr, a retired navy man, and Catsy Rocksandich Carricato still live in the area. Their father owned the Bessemer House. I was too young to remember much about the place, but my Mother sang there once and my husband's parents worked there on weekends.

There is also a George Rocksandich that lives in the Harrisburg area. He owns an office supply company called
G. C. Rockey.

Hope this helps. In the meantime, if I see Steve I'll ask him if he knows of any relatives in Indiana.


DianeBlack (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 1 feb 2000 12.00 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Schultz, Viscich
Does anyone have any websites for Yugoslavian genealogical research other than Rootsweb, MyFamily, Ancestry, perhaps in Yugoslavia and is in English.

YU genealogy

Inviato: 3 feb 2000 12.00 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
AFRAID there are no real and decent (I mean up to our occidental standards) genealogy sites from Serbia and Montenegro contrarily to Croatia or Slovenia.

Re: Grandfather born in Yugoslavia-Rocksandich

Inviato: 23 ott 2002 4.28 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
My partner's paternal grandmother's maiden name was Racsandic (very close to Rocksandich). Unfortunately, I don't know where she may have been born or raised, but I do know that she married a Suznovich (possibly Sazanovic or similar). My partner's father Samuel Suznovich was born in NY, so I'm not sure if his parents came over from Yugoslavia/Serbia via NY or not? Is anyone aware of the locations for Milos' offspring, and could any have been a girl who married and ended up in NY? I am so lost on this, it's pretty sad, but I'd love to try to make a connection if possible! Thanks!

Re: Grandfather born in Yugoslavia-Rocksandich

Robert Jerin (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 23 ott 2002 11.21 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
In re to SUZNOVICH the closest records found at Ellis Island are:

6. Nikola Suznjevich Raguse, Herzegov 1920 29
7. Petar Suznjevic Graberje, Croatia 1911 43

Nikola (neekola means Nicholas) was going to ILL and Petar was going to Yonkers, NY. The surname is pronounced soozyanvich in both cases. The C at the end of Petars name has a diacritcal mark giving it the CH sound. It was typical for immigrants at the turn of the century to add an H in the US to keep the CH sound. In the case of Nikola he is coming from Ragusa, now Dubrovnik Croatia. In that region Venice and Italy had ruled for some time and influenced the sp. of the names in Italian as in Eng the CH was used.

In re to RACSANDICH no listings are found at Ellis Island. However there are 50 listings for ROKSANDIC and RAKSANDIC. It should be noted that the C in the case of your sp. may have been changed. The C in Croatian w/o a diacritical mark will sound like the ts in the word cats, and will never sound like a hard K. Of the 50 listings at Ellis Island most declared themselves to be Croatian, however by the given name many of those may have been Orthodox which by today's reckoning are called Serbs, and some declared themselves to be Servian (an old Eng term for Serbian.

Yugosalvia did not come into being until 1929 and was basically disolved in 1991. Also of interest few Serbs came from Serbia proper prior to the 1920s, with most coming from Croatia and the old Hungarain Banat, which is now northern Serbia.

I hope this will help. Please feel free to email me direct if you have any questions.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

Re: Rocksandich family in Steelton

Inviato: 25 mar 2003 6.50 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Roksandic, Pientka, Suzjnevich
I recently got more information on the Roksandic family that my partner is descended from. His grandmother was Irene or Gwen Roksandic (1916 Steelton, PA-1940/50 Buffalo, NY). Her parents were Stojan Roksandic (abt1890 Croatia/Yugo) steel mill worker & Anna Pientka? (abt1882 Poland/Germany).
Siblings are:
John Roksandic (abt1913 PA)
George Roksandic (abt1918 PA)
Michael Roksandic (1920 PA-1995)
Samuel G. Roksandic (1923 PA-2001)

Stojan's father may have been Stojan Roksandic (abt1862 Austria) and his brother perhaps Waso? Roksandic (abt1877 Croatia/Yugo). Stojan Sr. may have had a brother Mike Roksandic (abt1868 Austria).

Any thoughts, help or interest?

Re: Rocksandich family in Steelton

Inviato: 28 mar 2003 0.53 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Hello James,

There is a record at Ellis Is for Stojan ROKSANDIC age 29 arr 190 married wife's name Maria in Sasao (should be Saseva) Hungary Race of People listed as Croatian destination Steelton, PA 3rd St 640 to brother ???

The name would be spelled Vaso, as there is no W in the Croatian alphabet.

It appears that some there were several ROKSANDIC whose destination was Steelton, where many Croatians worked in the mills. And it appears that those were from an area SW of the capital of Zagreb in Sisak county from a village called Saseva which is not far from the town of Glina. Others are listed as coming from Gora and Glina, all of these towns are in close proximity. There are several listings for ROKSANDIC found in the phone in Saseva and surrounding towns.

There was no Yugoslavia until 1929 so you must be getting info that people were born in Croatia/Yugo from US docs or records. Also the one you have listed as being born in Austria was born in Croatia. Around 1100 the Croatian king died leaving no heir. At that time Croatian nobility voted to recognize the king of Hungary as King of Croatia. In 1526 the Croato-Hungarian army was defeated by the Turks. It was in the 1700s that Austrians defeated the occupying Turkish army. At that time the Kingdom of Croatia recognized the monarch of Austria as monarch of Croatia. That union (later known as the Habsburg Empire) lasted until the end of WW I, 1918. In that year the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was formed and inc Croatia. In 1929 the King declared a dictatorship, abolishing the name of Croatia along with most freedoms.

Does she know the village her family came from? Knowing this may help gain more info as the LDS Family History Center near you has access to 1,300 microfilms of Croatian churches, some dating back as far as 1500s most back to 1800s. In case Saseva is their place of origin I find no mention of a church there. The closest may the Orthodox church in Hajtic. Were they Orthodox religion? My guess is they were based on the names Vaso and Stojan.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

Re: Rocksandich family in Steelton

Inviato: 30 gen 2010 6.15 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Roksandic
In reference to the inquiry about a Stojan Roksandic who came to Steelton,I may be able to shed some light. The Stojan whom I know of was my grandfather who came to Steelton from what my father told me was the town of Glina. He married Anna Pianca in 1916 (?)and had three children, George, Mike, and Sam. Iknow there were several Roksandic families in Steelton, but I only know of one family having a person with Stojan as the first name.

Re: Rocksandich family in Steelton

Inviato: 30 gen 2010 6.42 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Roksandic
I saw the note from Patty Sypniewski about the Roksandic family in Steelton. My father and I were the family that owned the office supply company. To my knowledge, I did not think we were related to the Steve Roksandic family. As you will notice, we did not end up with the h on the end of our name. I was told it was left off because it was orignially spelled with a slash mark at the end of the name that indicated it was to be pronounced with the ich sound. My father's family lived on fourth street in Steelton. My grandfather was Stojan who came from Glina in Croatia and my grandmother was formerly Anna Pianca who came from Poland which was at the time still part of Austria-Hungary. The town she was born in would later gain notoriety as Auschwitz during WWII. There were four children, George, Mike, Sam and Irene. My father was George. I know that my granfather also had a brother,George, who settled in Ambridge or Allequippa, Pa.
As a side note to Pattie Sypniewski, are you related to Joe Sypniewski who grew up on the West Side.
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