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Inviato: 26 mag 1998 12.00 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Searching for information of Basil LLORENTE y Ana Maria
GORROCHETEGUI. Basil LLORENTE was born in Burgos, Spain. Family left Spain and fled to Veracruz. Their son, Anastacius Amado LLORENTE was born in Austin, Texas on Dec. 28, 1879. I believe that one of the family members started either a soap factory or a flour mill in the San Antonio, Texas area in the mid to late 1800s. Any information would be appreciated.


Inviato: 21 lug 1998 12.00 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Modificato: 6 lug 2001 0.58 GMT
Additional information: Manuel LLORENTE, Nacio en Tepamache, Estado de Veracruz, Mex. Rita Herrera, nacio en Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mex. Manuel LLORENTE y Rita HERRERA esta Abuelos de Jose Manuel LLORENTE


Inviato: 23 mar 2010 1.49 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Llorente
I posted this message but have changed email address. this is to allow me to have an alert when a reply is posted.


Inviato: 12 ott 2012 3.33 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
His name was not Basil but Basilio. His son Manuel Llorente was born, or lived, in Veracruz, but later moved to Chihuahua, where he married Concepción Lujan Colomo and had several children, among them José Llorente Luján, Ana María Llorente Luján, Rita Llorente Luján and Concepción Llorente Luján, who was my grand mother. She married Gabriel Servín Arias-Caballero, my grand-father. They had two children, Enrique Servín Llorente, my father, and Carlos Servín Llorente.


Inviato: 13 ott 2012 1.14 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
I am so excited to hear from you. I had received a copy of most of that information. I would love to share information with you. I have a copy of some family history which was passed down from Jose Manual Llorente.
When I was in school Jose and I exchanged letters, with his in poor English and mine in very poor Spanish. I had the opportunity to meet him one time.
Please email me at house_donna@hotmail.com


Inviato: 7 dic 2013 18.38 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: LLorente Herrera
Hi, my name is Laura Amezcua Nunez and I am searching for some of me ancestors, His name was
Carlos Maria LLorente he was a Coronel for the Spain Arm forces in Tuxpan Veracruz his wife was Maria Josefa Herrera, they had a daughter by the name of Maria Josefa LLorante Herrera your post caught my attention, Do you feel they are family?
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