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All Umbach families

All Umbach families

Inviato: 11 nov 2006 14.18 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Umbach
I have been researching the descendents of Johann Umbach and Catherine Laschinger who came to Canada in 1843. In doing so, I have come in to contact with people researching the name in Australia, Germany, the US and Britain. After looking at the entries on the LDS site, I noticed that a large percentage of the Umbach families came from an area of about 20 square miles around Heilbronn. This makes me wonder if these families aren't all related. The other Umbach group comes from Hessen which is just north of Wuertemberg (where Heilbronn is). I would like to hear from anyone researching the Umbach name. I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who is part of the Umbach family that meets in Michigan each summer.

Re: All Umbach families

Inviato: 15 feb 2011 19.43 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Hi there,

Just replying to your email query about Elton Umbach.

Elton married Florence May Milne,
granddaughter of James A. Milne Sr and
Mary McKenzie Barclay.

Mary Barclay was the daughter of my G-G-G-Grandparents,
Alexander Barclay III and Jane Harper.

contact me at :



Nels - Winnipeg :)

Re: All Umbach families

Inviato: 27 giu 2011 16.41 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Hi Lynn:

My family is with the Johann Henry Umbach and Elizabeth Amos family from Hesse, Germany. I just got interested in genealogy and am trying to locate any information whatsoever on this family. Do you know of them. Most of the old Umbach family that I know are in North Dakota or aroung that area, and meet each year at a Schoenberg family reunion, which just took place yesterday. We are interested in any info on the family.

Re: All Umbach families

Inviato: 27 giu 2011 16.59 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
I have to apologise as I just saw your message. I have been really busy this spring and missed it. Am planning an Umbach family reunion this summer so am still pretty busy but appreciate your response.
Elton married twice and lost both wives within a short period of time (I think they were related but will get back to you on that). He eventually married and had two children. I met his daughter Jane in 2007 and she was unaware that her father had been married before.
I have printed your e-mail for future reference. You can reach me directly at umbachtree@hotmail.com
Lynn Carrier

Re: All Umbach families

Inviato: 27 giu 2011 17.04 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Hi Roberta
Not sure if I have anything on your family or not but will check when I have a chance. Do you have any information on the ancestors around Hesse as I would like to add it to my files so that we can eventually match them up. Do you know where in Hesse they came from? - Hesse is equivalent to a US state.
Have you gone on to the Facebook group, "I'm an Umback....and I'm okay" It was started by some of the family that went to Australia and changed the h in the name to a k. There is information on the site about the original town of Umbach, near Kassel, Hesse.
I am working on an Umbach reunion in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in August so am a little swamped at the moment but will get back to this project after that.
You can reach me directly at umbachtree@hotmail.com

Re: All Umbach families

Inviato: 25 apr 2012 12.05 GMT
Classificazione: Immigrazione
I am searching for the family of John Andrew Henry Umbach the V111. I know he lived in Troy, NY, about 1932. He was married to Madeline Holcomb about 1933. They had two children, Gwendolyn and John A.H. Umbach 9th. I would like to know about those who preceded.
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