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Hance Pettigrew from NC

Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 15 giu 2008 10.14 GMT
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Hance Pettigrew married Livia Ownes 28 Mar 1804 in Orange Co., NC. Need help - who was Hance father and children of Hance and Livia. I believe Hance and Livia moved to Georgia before 1810.


Re: Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 27 giu 2008 0.45 GMT
Classificazione: Atto
Cognomi: Pettigrew Owens Parish Edge
I may just be repeating information you already have, and this is not my line of Pettigrews, but as best I can figure there were three Pettigrew men in Orange County NC who were old enough to fight in the Revolution: John (Sr) (ca1752-ca1791), William (Sr) (<1757->1840), and Hance (Sr) (ca1758-ca1800)

John Pettigrew (Sr) was mentioned in a couple of deeds in Dec 1777 in Wake County, NC. In 1779 in Orange County, NC, John Pittigrew was taxed on a Property Assessment of 400 Pounds. In 1780 he was in St. Mary's District, Eno River Area of Orange Co (now Northern Durham Co). John Pettigrew had land next to a Willliam Pettigrew, indicating a brother (his SON William would have been too young to own land.) John has not been found on the 1783 or later taxes of this district and no record of his estate has been found, which might well indicate he left little property and no land. If his widow was in poverty, she would have had to apprentice out her children. Thus it is quite possible that Edie/Edy/Ede/Edi Pettigrew, born ca 1753, was John’s widow. Their children MIGHT have included Jane (born ca 1773?), James (ca1774->1860), John (ca1775-), William (an apprentice) (ca1781->1850), Thomas Grant (an apprentice born 1783-1884), Joseph (an apprentice born ca1785-), Nancy (an apprentice born ca1790-), and/or Abner (an apprentice born ca1791-1816).

William PETTIGREW (Sr) witnessed a deed for John Pettigrew in 1777. He appears on the 1779 and 1780 Orange County, NC Tax Lists and for the next several years is listed in St. Mary's District, Orange Co., NC. On 6 Aug 1785 William & “Hans” Pettigrew witnessed the Will of James Harris, Orange Co. NC. In Nov 1785 Hance Pettigrew and William Pettigrew proved the Will of James Harris, in Orange County Court. In 1790 he is on the Tax List, Orange County, St. Mary’s Dist as as Wm. Peddegwin. 28 May 1795: Bought 96 acres in Orange County on Granville County line. In 1797 he was taxed on 116 3/4 acres, the only Pettigrew in these taxes with land. 1798: 20 Acre Land Grant, Orange Co. 1800: Taxed Orange Co but not on census. 1810: Granville Co as Wm Petifrew Senr, age over 45. His children MIGHT have included William (Jr) (1779-1852), Hance (Jr) (1782-), Sura? (ca1785-), and/or Charles (ca1788-1846)

Hance PETTIGREW (Sr): On 5 Sep 1776 Ance Petigrew enlisted in Army, NC, 10th Regiment, Col. Abraham Shepard / Ballard's Company. 15 March 1781 Captured in Battle of Guilford Courthouse, NC. “Hans Pellegrew, from Orange County,” was paroled by Lord Cornwallis. 17 May 1781: Hans Pettigrew married Elizabeth Edge (Granville Co NC Marriage bond) Bondsman: Nathaniel Clark. (Granville Co NC Marriage Bonds). 1782 Ance (Hance) Pettigrew and William Pettigrew, of Hillsborough District, NC, signed a Petition in behalf of Thomas Hunt, who was under sentence of death for horse stealing. Taxed in St. Mary's District (Orange Co). 6 Aug 1785: William & “Hans” Pettigrew witnessed Will of James Harris, Orange Co. NC. Land Warrant No. 2022, dated 10 August 1785, granted to “Hance Pettigrew, a non com. offcr., wounded,” for 1,080 acres, for 84 (?) months service, “for Capt. Nickols, Hilsbro.” It appears Hance Pettigrew moved to Georgia about 1786-1789. Hance Pettigrew received a land grant of 175 acres in Hancock Co GA on 3 May 1790. 1793: Hance Pettegrew on tax list for Cambells District, Wilkes Co GA, for 100 acres. Hans co-administrator of the estate of Isaac Cook in Warren Co GA on 15 Jul 1797. Warren Co GA Fereby Cook and Hans Pettigrew apply for administration on estate of Isaac Cook, dec'd., July 15, 1797.] Hans witnessed a land deed of J. Harmon of Warren Co GA on 18 Jan 1798. May 1798: Some of Hans’s land was sold for back taxes. 1803: AN Elizabeth Pettigrew, who may or may not have been the widow of Hance, drew two draws in 1803 Land Lottery in Wilkes Co GA (implying one draw for herself and one for her children). Whether or not THIS Elizabeth was the widow of Hance, they may also have had other children because when Elizabeth Pettigrew had a draw in the 1806 Land lottery in Hancock Co., Georgia, the "orp. of 'Ham' Pettigrew" also had one draw.

Now we finally get to Hance PETTIGREW (Jr), who was probably born about 1782-1784, shortly after the marriage of his parents. On 28 Mar 1804: “A” Hance Pettigrew married Livinia Owens in Orange County NC (daughter of Only OWENS and Sarah LAYFIELD). [Did sisters marry cousins?] 1810: In Guilford Co: NC “H. Pittegrove” age 26-45, with family. 1811: Probably in Guilford Co NC where he inherited estate of Ephram Jenkins.

Also of note is Sura PETTIGREW – the only record I have found of her is her marriage bond:
Groom: Sion Parish
Bride: Sura Pettigrew
Bond_Date: 20 Aug 1805
Bond #: 000099685
Bondsman: Hansel Pettigre

Re: Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 29 giu 2008 9.58 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Thank much, I did have a little of this information. It appears that Hance (Sr.) and Elizabeth had one son (Robert Hance Pettigrew, (Sr.)who lived in Hancock Co., GA, and possible a daughter (Elizabeth). Hance (Sr.) died before 1803, his widow, Elizabeth, drew two draws in 1803 Land Lottery in Wilkes Co., GA and Elizabeth had one draw in the 1806 Land Lottery in Hancock Co., GA. and the "orp. 'Ham' Pettigrew had one draw.
Again Thanks.

Re: Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 29 giu 2008 11.36 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Back to your original question: who was the Hance Pettigrew who married Livia Owens 28 Mar 1804 in Orange Co, NC? Was he the son of William and not in the immediate family of the Georgia Hance Pettigrews?

And how does Sura Pettigrew fit it, for whom "Hansel Pettigre" was a bondman for her Aug 1805 NC wedding?

Re: Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 4 nov 2008 21.07 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Owens, Ennis, Penn, Newbold, Syms, Fooks, Fowke, Blake, Consitt, Layfield
In my family file I have Hance Pettigrew who married Lavina Owens and I do believe this is the same couple. Lavina Owens was the daughter of Only Owens and Sarah Layfield. Her siblings were:
1. Belithia Owens b. 1767 Somerset Co. Md. married 3 times and finally married my grandmother Mary Ennis(Abigail Fooks and Zadock Ennis).
2. Samuel M. Owens b. 1770 m. Tyratia Cash
3. Nancy Owens m. Jonathan Jenkins
4. Elizabeth Owens m. Willam Lingo
5. Lear/Leah Owens m. John Pettigrew
6. John Owens m. Mary A. Goodwin
7. Thomas Owens

Belithia and Mary settled in Humphreys County, TN., where they had several children. Their son Smallwood Owens was my 4th great grandfather and his wife Mary Penn, my 4th great grandmother. The Owens family descends from the distinquished families of Layfield, Newbold and Syms. Newbold and Syms are the grandparent's of Princess Diana of Wales. Belithia, Mary, Smallwood and Mary Penn Owens are buried in the Owens/Mayberry Cemetery on Hwy 13 South off of I-40 at the Loretta Lynn Exit in Humphreys County, TN.
Mary Ennis through her mother Abigail Fooks Ennis descends from Fulk the 1st, the Count of Anjour of the Plantagent dynasty. Mary Penn descends from the historical Penn family.
The first Owens in America was Jonathan who married Mary Blake, daughter of William Blake and Jane Consitt of Virginia and Somerset, Maryland.
The Fooks/Fowke family includes such notables as Julia Boggs Dent, Conrad Hilton and family, George Mason and many others.

Re: Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 4 nov 2008 21.11 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Hope you got my message!

Re: Hance Pettigrew from NC

Inviato: 5 nov 2008 10.01 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
.Thank you very much.
Ted Pettigrew
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