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"The Knight Riders of Pickens County Ga

"The Knight Riders of Pickens County Ga

Sharon Edwards (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 31 lug 2005 4.47 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: hammontree, taburiaux, burrell, mcgaha
What is the story on this? I hear there is a book about them. How do I go about getting it? I have kin from this county, so I'm interested in the story about this subject.

Re: "The Knight Riders of Pickens County Ga

Linda Stone (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 24 set 2006 0.15 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Mealer, Holbert, Hamrick, Cowart, Fortenberry, Gaines, Crow, Darnell, Holcomb, White, Henson, Hawkins and Graves

I'm not sure, but I believe the title you are seeking, may be found in a back issue of NORTH GEORGIA JOURNAL or
GEORGIA BACKROADS magazines. Both can be found on the internet.

Best of luck in your search.

Linda Stone

Re: "The Knight Riders of Pickens County Ga

Inviato: 12 mar 2013 9.01 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
The book "The Jordan Gang" by Luke Tate has a good bit of info about this gang.
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