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Groß Plowenz Kreis Strasburg now Płowęź Kujawsko-Pomorskie

Groß Plowenz Kreis Strasburg now Płowęź Kujawsko-Pomorskie

Inviato: 10 giu 2005 1.03 GMT
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Modificato: 30 mag 2006 23.18 GMT
Searching for marriage records ca 1878, death records ca. 1877 and ca. 1887 for Klein-Rehwalde (Rywaldzik) Kreis Löbau Westpreußen. Roman Catholic parish was Groß Plowenz (Płowęź) Kreis Strasburg. FHL has generally good coverage for the parish, but there are gaps in the coverage for the records in question. Several authoritative sources (Brandt, Stanke) as well as numerous web sites likewise do not show these records. Presumably the parish registers don’t exist. Possibly the parish was inoperative during this time due to the Kulturkampf; many Catholic churches in Prussia were closed/without a priest. I’ve researched other Catholic parishes in the area, in every increasing circles to no avail. Where would Catholics likely be married during this time if their parish was closed? Can anyone suggest where I might find civil records covering these events?

Re: Groß Plowenz Kreis Strasburg now Płowęź Kujawsko-Pomorskie

Inviato: 14 giu 2008 15.21 GMT
Classificazione: Domanda
Go to www.westpreussen.de and click "Ortsverzeichnisse". Thus you will find some further information. Maybe you will also find the surnames you are looking for under "Einwohnerdatenbank", data base of former inhabitants. This site is partly in English.
Good luck!
Willi from Germany
with Treichel ancestors from W. Prussia
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